Addiction Propensity Test

The Addiction Propensity Test tries to roughly estimate whether you are predisposed to addiction and in what way.

The addiction propensity test is an assessment tool designed to identify potential individual vulnerabilities to addiction. This test can detect susceptibility to various forms of addiction, such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, or digital addiction. The goal is to provide a useful preventive framework for identifying those at risk, allowing for early and targeted intervention.

Addiction Propensity Test

This test is not intended to provide a professional diagnosis, but rather to shed light on your relationship with addictions!

How to use the Test?

Below you will find 14 questions. Read them and answer them as simply and spontaneously as possible.


The scale of accuracy, or measurement, ranges from a minimum of 14 to a maximum of 56.

If you get very close to 14 points you may have addiction problems in the future. If you reached a score of 56 it means you are far enough away from possible addiction.
But remember that this is not a medical assessment, but a logical calculation that starts with universally accepted assumptions.

Useful Materials and Additional Resources

We will never run out of reminders that the best “tools” for getting out of addiction (or not even getting into it) are family and friends. And if these are not always available, Nature remains the best cure for addiction.


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