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TikTok is one of the most popular social platforms at the moment and has been making waves for some time now, thanks to its features that offer the possibility to create funny and original videos. TikTok is evidently the most successful platform in recent years. But how many users does TikTok have at the moment? In which countries is it most used? What content is being viewed the most? Here are all the current statistics related to TikTok!

TikTok Overview

LaunchSeptember 2016 (China); September 2017 (International)
HQBeijing, China
PeopleLiang Rubo (ByteDance CEO), Shouzi Chew (TikTok CEO), Vanessa Pappas (TikTok COO)
Downloads1 Mrd+
In-app Revenues680.74m USD
U.S. TikTok reach in 202319.2%

Number of Users

At present, TikTok has about 1.677 billion active users worldwide. The number of users is increasing every day, and the platform is expanding more and more even in countries where it was not yet widely used. The United States, India, China, and Indonesia are currently the countries where the platform is most widely used, but in Europe, Latin America, and Africa it is also becoming increasingly popular.

Tiktok Users
Sources:, CNBC, Company data

Age of users

Sixty percent of TikTok users are from Generation Z (ages 11-26), while Millennials make up about 35 percent, according to this year’s updated data. In addition, 63% of TikTok users are not on Twitter and 40% do not have a Facebook profile. The platform is also becoming increasingly popular among older age groups. In fact, it is not uncommon to find videos also posted by adults and younger children who, although with profiles managed by their parents, are very interested in the platform.

For exactly these reasons, the phenomenon of TikTok Addiction is beginning to be talked about, and this platform is beginning to worry many people.

Most viewed Content

The content posted on TikTok is very varied and ranges from comedy to tutorials to choreography. It is not possible to say exactly which videos are the most popular because the ranking changes practically every week. But among the most viewed video categories are challenges, group dances and videos in which users exchange beauty and make-up tips. Cooking, particularly quick and easy recipes, is also becoming increasingly popular on TikTok.

TikTok addiction statistics

A survey conducted between April and May 2023 shows that among TikTok users in the United States, 77.7% of Generation Z users say TikTok is addictive. In comparison, about 72% of people belonging to Gen X experienced the same feeling.
We have set up the Tiktok Addiction Test to allow you to roughly measure the level of your addiction, in case there is one.

TikTok Revenues

TikTok has dramatically increased its revenues in recent years. Just think that in 2022 alone it generated revenues of $9.4 billion.

Tiktok revenues
Sources: Apptopia, Sensor Tower, The Information

Topics covered

In addition to entertainment content, videos on current affairs, politics, and social reporting can also be found on TikTok. Indeed, the platform is a place where important and sensitive topics can be addressed, always in a sympathetic and entertaining way. There is of course no shortage of videos dedicated to passions, such as music and sports.

The recommended categories, or those where TikTok also puts effort are:

  • Animal Welfare.
  • Assistance regarding substance use.
  • Fighting hate on TikTok.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Scams.
  • Preventing child sexual assault on TikTok.
  • Bullying prevention.
  • COVID-19.

This is according to the topic page in the official Safety Center.

Geographic spread

As mentioned above, TikTok is present in many countries around the world, but there are certain geographic areas where the platform is most widespread. These include Asia, where TikTok saw its birth, but also the United States, where there are nearly 100 million active users. In Europe, however, Italy, France and Germany are currently the countries where the platform is most popular.

TikTok Statistics: Downloads

In the first quarter of 2020 it set a record for number of downloads. TikTok has been the most downloaded app overall for the past three years.

Tiktok Downloads
Source: Sensor Tower

Your own Statistics on TikTok

If instead you want to set up an account and keep track of the numbers, here is how to monitor your interactions with TikTok statistics within the App. This is imperative for all influencers and those who want to try to monetize their content on social media.

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